Are Tattoos Okay?

Are Tattoos Okay?

What are your thoughts about tattoos? They are more and more culturally excepted all the time, there is a high likelihood your son or daughter will want one at some point. This link is from Walt Mueller’s blog about quarterback Collin Kaepernick’s tattoos. It is a very well thought out view on tattoos including some thoughts on what the book of Leviticus has to say about tattoos. As for me I am 50/50 on tattoos. I think some tattoos are very cool, tastefully done and help people express who they are but I still always worry  what a tattoo is going to look like when someone is getting up in years. I myself thought about getting a tattoo a few times but every time I mentioned it to my Dad he threatened to take it off with a belt sander, since my Dad is a man of his word I never challenged him on it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, would you let your teenager get a tattoo?  


4 thoughts on “Are Tattoos Okay?

  1. I remember a family gathering where Grandma Mullally stated loudly for everyone to hear that she was so proud that none of her family members had tattoos. At least 5 people in the room had tattoos, but no one set the record straight. Respect? Fear? The subject did come up when my own kids were teens. The stance was wait until you’re 18 because I do not approve. Personally I use the guilt trip with my kids. “I gave you that beautiful body unblemished – keep it that way!” So far…so good! I don’t have a strong bias against tattoos – just not a fan.

  2. Are tattoos okay? Are piercings okay? Is wearing a short skirt okay? Is swearing okay? Is gossiping okay? Is social media okay? Is working on Sunday okay? Is tanning okay? Oh my goodness, the list goes on and on. Questions Marc and I struggle with on a continuous basis. We tend to instill in our children the values that we have had instilled in us which is quite typical. If tattoos were frowned upon when growing up, then typically you will frown upon them with your children. If tattoos were accepted growing up, then you would probably be more accepting of them with your children. If only we knew all the answers, this parenting thing would be so much simpler. How do I feel about tattoos? I don’t like them. Does that mean it’s the right answer. No.

    • I think you are getting at something Vonda, there are a lot of rules. We need to be very careful not to get caught up in the rules as Christians, that is not the most important thing. If we do chose to make a rule I think we need to tell them why that rule exists. Very rarely is “because I said so” a good reason for a rule, even though I do catch myself saying that to my kids. I think the best way to deal with tattoos, piercings, social media, swearing, or shorts skirts is to ask why they want to get a tattoo, or a piercing, why do they swear, or want to wear short skirts, make them try to think it through before they do it. Most teenage decisions are based on impulse and social pressure, we need to help them recognize that.

  3. My cousin got a tattoo about 12 years ago. He is now having multiple laser surgeries (which are very painful) to have it removed at a cost of about $4000.00. He is in a very professional position and plays golf with executive co-workers and businessmen and cannot have it showing–too taboo for the high-end business world in Chicago. Personally, I think you ruin your chances at a professional position if you mark up your body with tatoos and piercings. How comfortable would you be with your physician with a lip piercing or say your financial advisor with a neck tatoo?

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