Signs Along the Highway

When you drive down the highway you see signs that point you where you need to go. They are big, bright, they are clear in what they intend to communicate and they even reflect light in the darkest of times. Are you that sign for your kids, leading the way, pointing the right direction. Are you clear in what you intend to communicate. It is my hope with my two boys that my communications are clear and simple. I want them to know two things: God loves them and that Jess and I love them. Everything else is just details. When they put their head on their pillow at night and want them to be secure in that. When they walk out the door to school I want them to know that no matter what happens that day those two truths will never change. Are you living and communicating (remember many times actions speak louder than words) with your children in a way that they know those two truths without a shadow of a doubt. We as parents are the biggest sign on the highway of life, that hopefully takes them on journey with God, so lets be sure to be big, bright, to communicate clearly and reflect light even in the darkest parts of the journey. 


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