Are your kids getting enough sleep?

Are your kids getting enough sleep?

This is a link to an article from the Washington Post from this past spring about how there are hardly any teenagers in our society who get enough sleep. So I ask are your kids getting 9.25 hours of sleep a night? I highly doubt it. I know for a fact there are many students that wake up at or before 6:00am in order to catch the bus, and I know students regularly are up to midnight in order to get all their homework done. Have you ever pushed your school district for different school hours, for less homework, or have you reduced the number of activities your students are involved with so they can be more physically and mentally healthy. If you ever talk to teachers, many of them would tell you the first hour of the day is hardly productive as most kids are simply trying to stay awake. We need to take care of the bodies God has blessed us with, it is to be treated like a temple. If your son or daughters schedule is to crazy to be healthy mental, physically and spiritually than maybe it is time for a change. I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. 


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