Raising a Generation on Helpless Kids

Raising a Generation on Helpless Kids  (-Click the blue link to read the article)

I have seen this article posted several times on Facebook. One of the people who posted it is my Dad who is a high school teacher in the town I grew up in, he says the problem with helpless kids and over functioning parents is rampant andI tend to agree.

How are we as Christian parents called to raise our Children? The most important part of our job is always going to point our children toward Christ making sure they know they have a God who loves them and wants to know them. After that I believe our job is to raise children who can join God in his work of making this earthly kingdom a better place. If we raise a bunch of children who are not independent, who can think for themselves, fight for themselves, and be self motivated, how are they going to be effective in being a part of God’s kingdom work.

My favorite line from this article is: “We need to become velvet bricks,” Elmore says, “soft on the outside and hard on the inside and allow children to fail while they are young in order to succeed when they are adults.” That is some good advice.


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