Walt Mueller

Walt Mueller

Pop culture can give us great insight into world, in particular the world of teens. Walt Mueller is a writer/blogger who I have mentioned before on this blog. He is some I have a great deal of respect for. Above is a link to his review of the movie Thirteen, which is ten years old but still gives us a look inside some of the struggles of middle school girls. Walt’s review of the movie Thirteen is spot on, and is a guide to some of the most important points of the movie. . It is a movie you should put on your watch list, there is great insight in that movie about the struggles and emotions our teenagers face on a day to day basis. 

Walt also suggests a few other movies that you should watch:

Breakfast Club (I can’t believe anyone out there hasn’t seen this movie) 

Dead Poets Society (It is on my personal top ten list) 

Little Miss Sunshine (amazing movie, Alan Arkin’s character is all time favorite) 

Here a few movie and TV shows I suggest:

Friday Night Lights the TV series (My all-time favorite show, don’t let the football keep you from watching, it is about so much more that football) 

Mean Girls (funny and insightful) 

Easy A (intelligent, smart, not your typical teen comedy, you will learn a bit about the moral compass of teenagers) 

Empire Records (The huge cast gives you a look at many of the struggles teenagers go through. The movies wraps up a little to neatly but it has an amazing soundtrack) 


This list is certainly incomplete, do you have any movies or TV shows that give a look into what it the life of a teenager? I would love to see the movies, shows or even songs you would suggest. 


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