Making your House the Parish

What if we opened up our houses, constantly invited our children’s friends over, feeding them, offering them a safe/fun place to hang out. Imagine using your house as the neighborhood parish, the neighborhood ministry. As place to love everyone who walked through the door. A place a kid can feel free to be themselves. You as a parent could be another influential adult in a kids life (trust me, they need them). Yes teenager leave a mess. Yes Jr. High boys tend to smell a little funky. Yes 11th grade boys will leave your pantry looking like it was devoured like a plague of locusts. Yes 8th grade girls will giggly loudly but it is all worth it when you can be a steadying influence on kids. It is all worth when you can represent Christ to a bunch of tween or teenagers. So think about having an open door, an extra seat at the dinner table, and stocked pantry so you can become the neighborhood parish.


3 thoughts on “Making your House the Parish

  1. Its a wonderful win-win way to live. I used to always say ” loaves and fishes”, which was our cue that any and all can join whatever meal was about to happen. I knew my kds friends whether from inside or out playing sports in the yard or at the fire pit. Stock piles of 2 liters, and popcorn always at the ready for snacking….. And yep like locusts thru the pantry, stinky feet and all! Great memories of wonderful times of connecting…

  2. I agree Matt. What better way to love on kids than to open your home and fridge. Perfect time to talk about this – summer is the time kids are looking for fun things to do.

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