God of Hope

After Monday’s tragedy in Boston it can be hard to wrap your brain around this crazy world we live in. It is particularly hard when you have to talk about these event with your kids. Here is what helps me the most, simply remember our God is a God of Hope. God has shown that through the Bible. The narrative of the Bible is pretty simple to me, God created all things and created them to be good. God also gave us freedom, with that freedom we messed things up. But God showed over and over again in the Bible that God is in the redemption business. We see over and over again that God steps in to make things good again. 

That gives me great hope in times like this, when the way humans treat each other doesn’t make sense. Despite our senseless acts, God is good and is a God of Hope. Remind your children of that, God is a God of Hope!!! Be sure to use it as a lesson about how we treat others is important as well, even small acts of kindness do amazing things to make our world better. When you see a video of Boston point out the people running to the blast to selflessly help out those who have been injured. There in one of the worst moments we have ever seen, there were incredible acts of good going on. Point out the good, the redemption. 

It is so easy to get depressed or angry withs event like this, instead work hard to focus on the redemption and hope that comes from the author of good. 


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