A Continued Loss of Innocence

Victoria’s Secret has launched a new marketing campaign that seems to be geared toward kids in their teens and most likely to a crowd that is even younger than that. Maybe I am naive but why in the world would a 12 year old need anything from Victoria Secret? Should we be upset with Victoria Secret or should we be more upset with the parents who let there 13 year old shop there?

More than mad this story makes feel a deep sense of sadness over the lose of innocence in our society. Kids are no longer allowed to be kids. This story drives home this point for me. I don’t think we are called to hide our kids in a bomb shelter until they are 18 but I do believe we need to be advocates for protecting their childhood innocence. As Christians I don’t believe we should picket or boycott Victoria’s Secret but we should be sure to be mindful of what we buy for our kids and what our motivation for buying them is. This is a great example of that, why would we buy a bra and underwear from Victoria Secret for a 13 year old? Does she need to feel sexy? Does she need to fit in? Is it because we as parents feel the need for them to have top brand stuff to be cool? I can’t comprehend a scenario that seems okay to me to buy these things for our young daughters.

That being said when is it okay for someone to start shopping at a store like Victoria’s Secret? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Please read the article linked below and then lets start a discussion. I look forward to your comments especially if you have a daughter and this is an issue you have had to wrestle with.



1 thought on “A Continued Loss of Innocence

  1. It was once said by my sweet little Emma (who is now in college), when she was quite young and I babysat her… “I wish Victoria would keep her secrets to herself”… Out of the mouth of a babe!!!

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