Lifelong Learner

The past few weeks we have been having a combined Adult and High School Sunday school class. I have been very encouraged by the number of people who have attended. I think it is vital for us as Christians to be lifelong learners. We never graduate from Sunday School. We never get too old to continue learning and growing in our faith. I think it is vital for us to spend time growing individually by reading the Bible, praying and reading other books. It is also vital for us to learn and be challenged by others in a small group, in Sunday School or by having conversations about our faith with those who will challenge us. 

We don’t only need this for our our own faith journey but to be an example for our kids, they need to see us continuing to learn. Gods word is alive and always has something to teach us and our children need to know that we take our faith seriously and have a desire to learn.

I want to say thank you to those of you who choose be lifelong learners, you and your children will be better for it. 


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