Spiritual Gifts

This fall at Senior High Youth Group our theme has been service. Last night we talked about our Spiritual Gifts and how we should use our Spiritual Gifts to glorify and serve God. We took a quick assessment to identify our gifts. These assessments are great and can go a long way to help us see what some of our gifts are but when it comes down to it the best way to identify a talent/gift that your son or daughter has is for someone to name them. When you notice something you child does well, tell them they are doing it well. When you see another youth group kid using their spiritual gift please encourage them. God has given us all gift whether we are young or old. The earlier we can identify talents/gift in youth the better chance they have to get plugged in, the sooner they can feel as if they are part of God’s plan and God’s work. So please be sure to point out the Spiritual gifts you see in your son or daughter and make sure they use them. 


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Gifts

  1. Sydney came home and told us about it. She seemed pretty excited about “learning” what her spiritual gifts are. I know that kids sometimes feel lost in life, unsure of what it is they’re supposed to be when they grow up, unsure of what “defines” them, unsure of how to describe who they are. I know that Sydney is feeling a lot of that. This seemed to resonate with her a little bit and we are going to dig a little deeper into how she can transfer those spiritual gifts into what she may want to “become” some day. Thanks, Matt.

  2. I have some resources that can help a little that came with the assessment if you would like them. I wonder if you agree with the gifts that the assessment named, do you see those same gifts in Sydney?

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