Do your kids know your story?

Have you ever taken the time to tell your story to your kids? The story of how you fell in love with Jesus, of how you became a follower of Christ? Have you ever told your children about a time in life you encountered God? Do your kids know what you believe, have you told them your basic theological thoughts? These may sound like silly, basic questions but I believe it is vitally important to let our kids know what we believe and how we came to believe it. Parents are the number one influence on a kids faith. If that that is the case, then we better have the courage to tell our kids about our faith. I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds and in our busy world it can be hard to make time for such things. Start small, on the car ride home from soccer practice tell your kids how you encountered God today. When you are outside doing yard work, out for a hike, or in a deer blind with you son or daughter tell them how you see God in nature. Pray with your kids, I mean really pray with them, don’t pray the same prayers everyday but ask them how you can pray for them and tell them how they can pray for you. All of these things will help open the door to having deep meaningful conversation about God and what you believe. A couple of reminders: tell your kids that it is okay to ask questions about their faith and remember it is okay to answer questions with an honest “I don’t know” (even better if you are willing help them find the answer). As this week goes on I encourage you to try and have one conversation about God, one time of prayer, or share one story about how you encountered God this week.


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