Social Media

Social Media

I have noticed over the past several months that Twitter is slowly over taking Facebook as the social media of choice for college kids and high school students. There are several reason for this: first is that Twitter is very easy to use, the interface and setup is much simpler than Facebook. These easy of uses is particularly evident on smart phones and tablets, which an increasing number of teens now have. Second, Twitter makes it easy to connect with just about anyone, athletes, celebrities, musicians, etc. It seems to break down social barriers in a way that Facebook never has. Third, Twitter is far less cluttered than Facebook all the apps, games, adds on top of all of Aunt Judy’s pics of her dog tend to make Facebook too much to take in. The finally and the most important reason that Twitter is taking over is that Mom and Grandma don’t have a Twitter account. Teens feel like they can be much more honest when they know everybody under the sun isn’t going to know their thoughts.

So does your son or daughter have a Twitter account? Do you know what goes on in the Twitterverse? It might be advantageous for you to check it out.


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